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Chia Seeds 1000g

Chia Seeds 1000g


Chia seeds, or Spanish sage, is a plant native to Mexico and Guatemala. It was known and practiced already in pre-Columbian times. The Aztecs valued it as the seeds that were nutritous to prepare the dish and drinks. Taxes were paid in seeds for Aztec priests and nobles.

Chia is an annual plant with broad leaves and small, purple or white flowers. Fruits contain a large amount of chia seed oval.


It is recommended to use the seeds of chia regularly as they improve the functioning of the nervous system, and have a positive effect on bone structure and muscle. In addition, they are recommended for weight loss and dieting, because of absorbing and retaining water in the body.

The seeds can be added to salads, you can sprinkle sandwich with them, can also be added to the dough or used for baking.
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