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Dried Goji Berries 1000g

Dried Goji Berries 1000g


Wolfberry fruit, known as Goji berries are called “red diamonds” .Chinese people give them homage, by annually, festivities in honor of this plant for few days. Their importance in Chinese medicine is very high, because the Goji berries are added to almost any medicine.

According to one legend, about 800 AD, well was dug close to one of the Buddhist temples. The walls of the temple were covered with vines of Goji berries, which ripe fruits fell into the well from which the monks had drawn the water. Interestingly, the monks enjoyed remarkably good health and even in senile age did not have gray hair, or missing teeth. They thought that this is due to mature Goya fruits and berries, and they shared discovery with Chinese herbalists. Wolfberry fruit, known as Goji fruit, is a shrub of the nightshade family, which in Poland is used as an ornamental plant. It has a light orange or red fruit, having a high content of nutrients. Chinese cuisine uses fruits and roots of the bush, and medicine- fruit. Goji fruits are a source of valuable nutrients, with broad properties.


An indicated daily dose for consumption by adults is the 20-30g of dried fruit. Children up to 3 years should consume no more than 1/3 of the recommended dose, and children up to 10 years – half the dose.

There are no confirmed negative effects of too much consumption of Goji berries, but do not eat them in large quantities. There are restrictions on the consumption of Goji berries for pregnant women and children up to 3 years. Eating too much Goji berries can lead to hypervitaminosis because, the fruit contain many vitamins and other nutrients.

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